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 Commercials VFX /  30 May 2017


Magic can't make digital transformation happen. But we can. That's the message Framestore VFX artists brought to life in these films from Dell's Tech Stories campaign. The films takes place within one of the most iconic Los Angeles theatres with actor Jeffrey Wright ('The Hunger Games', 'Westworld') taking center stage.

Framestore concepted, designed and executed all of the projected content before the shoot with the intention of capturing all the projections in camera. The projections themselves employed a range of artist disciplines that include traditional CG, motion graphics animation and matte paintings. Each projection was bespoke and tailored to the surface it was being projected onto, whether it was a 1500 lb turbine engine shell, a real live dairy cow, or a 90ft canvas. All of this work was done to illustrate that Dell is transforming the impossible into reality for industries like agriculture, aviation, and healthcare. Executive Producer
Dez Macleod-Veilleux

Creative Director
David Mellor

Senior Producer
Maura Hurley
Line Producer
Molly McLaren

Senior Flame Artist / VFX Supervisor
Gigi Ng

Senior CG Lead
Georgios Cherouvim
Senior Designer
Dan Solomon

Senior Compositor
Karch Coon

Concept Designer / Senior Matte Painter
Callum McKeveny
Matt Pascuzzi, Corinna Wilson, Greg Gaskins, Liz Yang, Elaina Brillantes, Jose Arauz

Alex Cheparev, Glory Zheng, Jimmy San, Joseph Szokoli, Jim Hundertmark, Sam Crees, Anna White, Nicholas DeLaFuente

Akira Thompson, Rav Matharu, Joey Zhou
Global Executive Creative Director, Y&R
Christian Carl

Global Creative Director, Y&R
Thomas Shim

Copywriter/Creative Director, Y&R
Justin Ebert
Executive Director of Integrated Production, Y&R
Greg Lotus

Executive Producer, Y&R
Bobby Jacques

Content Producer, Y&R
Nicole Lederman
Editor, “Launch”, Rock, Paper, Scissors
Adam Pertofsky

Editor “Customer Stories”, Rock, Paper, Scissors
Ted Guard

Director, Smuggler
Tom Hooper
Executive Producer, Smuggler
Shannon Jones

Producer, Smuggler
Alexandra Lisee

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