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Spinifex Group

Inspired by pavement chalk murals that play with perspective, Spinifex created floor mapping content for Vivid 2017 at Barangaroo. The public are encouraged to join in and interact with the content and capture their customized content on personal devices.
The floor cracks opening up allowing the users to journey through time and discover the wondrous hidden worlds of Barangaroo’s days gone by. From riding in a traditional Nawi fishing canoe, to scaling the soaring heights of a galleon’s crow’s nest. Experience the magical workings of the current groundbreaking site machinery, dodge the crazy recycling caterpillar and get right on down with some of the local marine life.
So hang onto your socks and get ready to be taken on an epic adventure, with the spectacular floor projected murals of Trapdoor.
CD /Concept / Design: Jason French, Executive Producer: Cyril De Baecque, Senior Producer: Carolien Foley, Compositor: Esther Chung, 3d Animation: Pepin Portingale, Nic Hunter, Nathan Rule, Doug Bayne. Sound design: Marcus Longfoot



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