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 Commercials VFX /  30 May 2017

Electric Theatre Collective

Our first task was to concept the look and feel of the apocalyptic world. We did this through digital matte painting. Once we received the offline we tailored those concepts on a shot by shot basis. Once everyone was happy with the direction we moved onto FX R&D along with CG modelling. We modelled the exterior roof of the bar, the interior of the roof and some sections of the interior walls and other debris elements.

The apocalyptic storm required layers of atmospherics to make the desert feel enveloped in destruction and chaos. The finely detailed simulations of sand, dust, finer debris, meteors, roof tearing and earth fracture were heavily designed and executed in FX. They were layered with hand animated larger elements such as telephone wires, sheet metal, collapsing roof elements, all combining for complete the final picture. As well as compositing all the CG elements that make up the key 'end of the world' scenes, the 2D team layered in flares, shakes, shatters, sparks, and shock waves to bring it all together into one epic visual feast.

Creative Director: Daniel Marum
VFX Supervisors: Tommy Smith, Remi Dessinges, Corinne DeOrsay
2D Artists: Adam Watson, Fefo De Souza, Gretchen Capatan, Kevin Jones, Dave Damant, Brendan Smith, Joseph Zaki, Krystal Chinnx, Kevin Kim
CG Artists: Steve Beck, Nate Lapinski, Arrev Chantikian, Katie Schiffer, Jared Broddle, Huisoo Lee, Ali Rizvi, Charlie Deogracias
DMP: Jamie O'Hara, Mark Sullivan

Producer: Louisa Cartwright

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