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 Commercials VFX /  17 May 2017


ZERO collaborated with Antoine Fuqua and Saatchi & Saatchi NY to bring big-screen VFX to the Oscars. This new commercial for Walmart represented a unique opportunity to create feature-film level storytelling within a 60-second time slot. 'The Gift' tells the story of an industrious boy with the smarts and the desire to communicate with an all-powerful entity, via a 'Gift' composed entirely of items from Walmart.

Sean Deveraux (VFX Creative Director), Mike Warner (CG Supervisor), Brian Drewes (VFX Executive Producer), Stelle Shalita (VFX Coordinator), Kurt Lawson (Compositing Supervisor), John Ashby (Flame Artist), Jeff Julian (Concept Artist), Sean Cox (Compositing Lead), Tatjana Bozinovski (Compositor), Brady Doyle (Compositor), Wade Ivy (Compositor), Gary Lopez (Compositor), James Stellar (Compositor), David Sweeney (Compositor), Alexis Tatakjian (Compositor), Robby Geis (CG Lead), Nathan Millsap (CG Artist), Andrew Rasmussen (CG Artist), Kyle Raffle (CG Artist), Charles Trippe (FX Lead), Hermes Crespo (FX Artist), Siegfried Ostertag (FX Artist), Tomas Zavechas (FX Artist)

Mario Pillet (Animator), Jim Doherty (Animator), Dallin Cheung (Animator), Matte Friedlander (Matte Painter), Fabio Zapata (Tracking Supervisor), Luis Rodriguez (Lead Tracking Artist), Sean Sterling (Data Wrangler), John Johnson (Paint/Roto Lead), Steven Spady (I/O Manager), Matthew Klein (I/O Coordinator), Meagan Darcy (I/O Coordinator)

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