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 360 VR /  15 July 2017

Rotor Studios

Dreamworld is Australia's biggest theme park. It's home to the tallest and fastest thrill rides in the country, and they are always looking at ways to make their rides even more exciting. When exploring the use of Virtual Reality on their rides, Dreamworld looked at off the shelf products from overseas, but decided that they could do something even more engaging and amazing if it was tailor made for them and built from scratch, right here in Australia.

They wanted to combine the excitement of an immersive VR experience with the thrill of a physical ride. This challenge required a unique skill set, and so they partnered with Samsung and Rotor Studios to make it happen.

Rotor offered the right mix of creative content design, software development, and hardware integration needed for this execution.

In just 7 weeks, Rotor designed and implemented an immersive VR experience - a ride through an alien landscape tailored specifically for the track of Dreamworld's existing motocoaster. This required creative realtime CG content design and production. It also needed bespoke software and hardware solutions to synchronise the riders headset with the variable speed of the mechanical ride - critical to a realistic and seamless experience.


Phil Edwards
Ibraheem Saleh
Mark Serena
Robert Bruce
Ben Muller
Luke Sandford
Luke Fletcher
Tom Coe
J'Jay Yabsley
Jimmy Nahlous Eric Son
Zoltan Batho
Philip Jucker
Scott Bradley
Jane Sproule
Astan Chee
Prahalad Ramji

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