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ORGANIC VIBRATIONS - Museum of Contemporary Art - Vivid Sydney 2017
A 3D projection mapping experience, in collaboration with the Australian artist Giulia Gorman
The installation is as an endless breath, a rhythmic, vibrating sound that shapes and transmutes the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art into a multitude of organic forms in constant motion.
The building's facade undergoes a constant metamorphosis and is revealed as a series of colored strata, like the age rings on a tree, flowing in successive waves across the facade. This is turned into a dynamic entity made up of shapes that grow and change, only to split open in the end and organise itself into a rhythmic succession of flat surfaces that allow the light from inside to filter through.

The facade becomes a living play of light and shadow.
Created by: Sergio Carrubba, Paola Ciucci, Lucia Frigola, Cedric Peri
3D artists: Cedric Peri
2D artists: Lucia Frigola, Diego Akel
Soundtrack original composition: Narayana Minozzi, Giulio Ronconi, Alessandro Persi
Creative Director: Sergio Carrubba

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