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 Commercials VFX /  05 July 2017


This PEPSI Strong advert for the Japanese market is the fourth advert in a series based on the Japanese folklore tale of Momotaro. This fourth episode acts as an origin story for Oni, the gigantic rock monster seen in previous episodes. We really raised the bar as we had never been this close to the character so we included rigid body rockfall simulations and extremely high resolution smoke simulations. Also for the first time we added fluid simulations to the close up shot to eject lava from his hot core. These extremely detailed and high polygon character simulations are very complex but the level of detail is very rewarding. The ‘Ogre’ was another creature that was introduced for the first time here. Originally envisioned by director Iguchi with a rough sketch, and through a process of ongoing design by our artists, the character was sculpted from his original concept to its life-like appearance in this commercial.
The ‘Ogre’ was always going to be chained up, so we had to account for this in texturing, adding wounds and wearing in his skin layer. We studied the anatomy of animals and mutated and deformed it to make it original character. The creature was then groomed with a fur layer and we had to figure out some new techniques to groom based on proximity of the fur to the chains that are tightly wrapped around him. The chains were also required to be simulated to hold the ‘Ogre’ in place while he violently struggled against them. Added effects such as saliva, dust particles and wood splinters were then added to really ground the monstrous character in the plate photography.

Executive Producer - Takeshi Takada
Head of 3D – Nick Angus
Head of 2D – Matthew Chance

Other Crew:
Executive Creative Directors - Shin Takaue/Yasumichi Oka
Creative Director & Copywriter - Taku Tada
Art Director - Seijo Kawaguchi
Production Company - Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Executive Producer - Masakatsu Kasai
Producer - Sunao Nonaka
Director - Koichi Iguchi
DOP - Darren Lew
Stylist - Ami Goodheart

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