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 Commercials VFX /  05 July 2017


It tells the story of a determined reporter who has ambitions beyond the small-time dog show story she is covering. When opportunity strikes in the form of a meteor hurtling towards the earth, she chases after it in the Bold New Honda Civic to realise her dream. Backed by the iconic song 'Dreamer', the action-packed spot features everything from a bumbling news crew, to a fallen forest and an unexpected crater.

VFX synopsis
Extensive look development before shooting made sure we had the elements just right, from the comet and the explosion to the impact crater tendrils and the integration of the purple crystals.

Even the simple shots had sky replacements and extra matte painting elements added. The impact sequence had some quite complex CG shots involving smoke and fire sims and 3d environment work
While the car was always live action, the team used a proxy model of it to catch the lighting and reflections from the CG meteors. On the shot where the meteor flies past the car for example, the team used the proxy to generate those swinging shadows on the car.
Our environment artists created the pre and post meteor strike landscape. Intricate CG simulations were used to create the comet breaking through the earth’s atmosphere. We had to strike a delicate balance between believability and fantasy.

VFX Crew Animators
VFX & Supervisor: Colin Renshaw - ALT VFX
Head of 3D – Nick Angus
Head of 2D – Matthew Chance

Other Crew
Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
CCO: Jason Williams
Senior Creatives: Alex Metson / Blair Kimber / Joe Hill / Garret Fitzgerald
Senior Agency Broadcast Producer: Cinnamon Darvall
Group Account Director: Chris Ivanov
Senior Account Director: Jaime Morgan
Integrated Account Director: Nick Bennett
Account Executive: Alex Cusworth
Director of Integrated Strategy: Ilona Janashvili
Strategy Planner: Emily Gould
Senior Digital Strategist: James Duthie
Senior Digital Producer: Charles Crang
Associate Digital Creative Director: Tim Shelley
Digital Designer: Matthew Caminiti
Technical Director: Luke Torney
Senior Back-end Developer: Ken Chen
Front-end Developer: Rami Yahya
Print Producer: John Trifonopoulos
Social Media Team: Chris Steele and Josh Popow

Production Company: Goodoil Films
Director: Nathan Price
Producer: Andrew McLean
Executive Producer: Juliet Bishop
DOP: Ginny Loane
Production Designer: Guy Treadgold
Editor: Jack Hutchings - The Butchery

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