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 Commercials VFX /  05 July 2017


Describe the mission
The mission was to influence public perception of Hahn SuperDry lager as the drink of choice for the adventurous adult, someone who likes to achieve greater things and push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Describe the idea

This spot is driving home the belief that our 'comfort zone' may be what's holding us back from living all that life has to offer.

At the forefront is a film that will tell stories of some unlikely heroes who launch themselves out of their own comfort zones to realise each of their own dreams. This action sees them literally catapulted off the couch to a better version of their lives - into the outside world and right into the action.

Describe results and achievement
The spot created a definite buzz in the Australian market, with its innovative production, stunning visual effects, and use of an iconic music track.

Description Synopsis

Using state of the art digital scanning of the talent on set Alt.vfx created high resolution digital doubles of the talent. We then were able to seamlessly transition our live action people with their digital counterpart for stunts that we were unable to capture in camera. Adding additional cloth and hair simulations on our digi doubles gave them the added realism. Crowd replication (for inside the stadium) was also included. A fully CG aircraft was created for the fly through shot, with the digital doubles transitioning perfectly with the live action actors as they free fall in a fully CG environment.

VFX Supervisor – Colin Renshaw
VFX Producer Jay Hawkins - online
Murray Smallwood – Nuke
Matty Chance – Head of 2D
Nick Angus – Head of 3d
Phil Outen – Lighting
Kyle Botha – Lighting
Martin - Lighting
Chris Gardner – FX
Chris Rentoul – Animation
Ryan Maddox – Model
Jordan McInnes – Rigging

Other Crew

Ben Slocombe - Marketing Director - Lion
Jack Mesley - Brand Director - Lion
Richard Spicer - Marketing Manager - Lion
Erin Purcell - Brand Manager - Lion
Nicola Schwendler - Brand Manager - Lion
Katharina Trauer - Brand Manager - Lion

Agency: Ogilvy, Sydney
ECD: Derek Green
CD: Scott Lambert
ACD: Jenny Mak
Creative Team: Josh Parmenter, Seamus Fagan, Andrew Hankin, Andy Cooke
GM: Nathan Quailey
GAD: John Marshall
Senior Account Manager: Amelia Deakin
Account Manager: Anne Brooke
Deputy Head of Strategy: Ryan O'Connell
Planner: Sam Tatam
Agency Producer: Renee Nadin
Freelance Agency Post Producer: Jules Jackson

Media Agency: UM Australia
Experiential Agency: Octagon
Digital Agency: The White Agency
Shopper Agency: Integer

Production Company: Interrogate
Director: Ash Bolland
EP: Tara Riddell
DOP: Peter Eastgate
Editing Company: ARC
Editor: Drew Thompson - Editor - ARC
EP: Joseph Perkins - Executive Producer - ARC


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