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 Commercials Animation /  05 July 2017


The campaign's hero commercial - by Exit Films' LA-based director, Ben Tricklebank - unapologetically shows off the C-HR's slick design, technology and performance as the car seamlessly moves a young couple from one experience to another.

The high-octane film was made possible thanks to a combination of innovative, live-action camera work and visual effects by Alt.vfx.

Shoot constraints meant that we couldn’t use motion control on set, but we prevized shots beforehand and executed them with a high degree of accuracy. We invented a system whereby we were able to create camera moves in 3D, then use a LED light rig to provide a guide for the camera crew of timings and position of the physical camera. These plates were then tracked, and the talent was then married into our 3D car. The car’s motion was simulated using a number of physical parameters to follow a choreographed path. We then sculpted interiors, environments and digi-doubles, blending all of the elements to create one, seamless shot. We then layered lighting and other elements to create the final look, one that is a breath-taking ride!

VFX Crew Animators

VFX Supervisors - Colin Renshaw
Senior Producer - Tyrone Estephan
Technical Director – Chris Gardner
Modeller – Ryan Maddox
Compositor – Marti Pujol
Head of 3D – Nick Angus
Head of 2D – Matthew Chance

Other Crew
Agency: BWM Dentsu
Chief Creative Officer - Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director - Asheen Naidu
Senior Copywriter - Oskar Westerdal
Senior Art Director - Jerome Gaslain
Planning Director - Karl Bates
CEO Oddfellows - Andrew Black
Client Service Director - Brent Kirby
Senior Account Director - Guy Lovell
Account Manager - Chris Murphy
Head of Onscreen - Margot Fitzpatrick

Production Company: Exit Films
Director - Ben Tricklebank
Producer - Fiona Pakes
DOP - Simon Duggan
Editor - Drew Thompson, Arc Edit
Post Production & Visual Effects: Alt.vfx
Vfx Supervisors - Andreas Wanda/ Colin Renshaw
Senior Producer - Tyrone Estephan
Music and Sound Post Production: Nylon Studios
Executive Producer - Karla Henwood
Music Composer/Arranger - Jesse Watt
Sound Engineer - Stuart Welch

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