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 Web / Viral /  03 July 2017


We all know flying with kids ainĂ¢€™t easy, so to celebrate Mother's Day and all the onboard moments where mothers really shine, Air New Zealand + Host Sydney came to us to create a cute, whimsical film featuring children sharing their stories where Mum saves the day.

From the start we wanted a mixed media approach to the film, so we mixed live action shots of the kids with crafty designed illustrations, brought to life using a mix of frame by frame and 2D animation. The result is a fun, colourful, quirky film. A true tribute to all mothers out there.

Animation Director: Fred Venet

DOP: Simon Higgins

Illustration: Fred Venet

Animators: Luke Carvell, Dom Aldis

Editor: Greg Constantaras Production Company : Sixty40

Executive Producers: Bonnie Law & Will Alexander

Senior Producer: Charu Menon

Executive Creative Director: Simon Robson

Director: Boca Ceravolo

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