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 Commercials Animation /  02 July 2017


John Lewis' 2016 Christmas film ‘Buster the Boxer’ is an extraordinary animation feat that truly sets the bar for character animation. A group of hand-animated photo-real CG animals emerge to jump and play on a CG trampoline, including a digital double of Buster the boxer dog. Photo-real animals are one of CG’s ultimate challenges; a pre-viz captured performance and informed the shoot, and the VFX artists used natural-world references along with advanced rig technology to craft the cast with pinpoint accuracy, down to every last muscle. Personality was developed with the tiniest of details, like eyebrow movements. The inclusion of a fully dynamic CG trampoline, driven by the animation, pushed the team further creatively and technically than ever before, as each animal’s bounce affected the movements of the other animals on its surface. None of these elements could slip; they all contribute to the magic and realism of the film. 

Ad Agency: adam&eveDDB

Production Company: Blink

Director: Dougal Wilson

Executive Creative Directors: Richard Brim and Ben Tollett

Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest

Copywriter: Ben Stilitz

Art Director: Colin Booth

Agency producer: Panos Louca

Production Company Producer: Nick Goldsmith

Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder

Editor: Rick Russell @ Final Cut


VFX Executive Producer: Julie Evans

VFX Line Producer: Sandra Eklund
VFX Supervisor (CG): Diarmid Harrison-Murray

 Shoot Supervisors: Tom Harding & Tito Fernandes

CG Supervisor: Fabian Frank

VFX Supervisor (2D): Tom Harding

Animation Supervisor: Tim van Hussen

Grade: MPC

Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret

Lead Animators: David Bryan & Max Mallmann

Audio company: Factory

Sound Designer: Anthony Moore

Composer: Randy Crawford

Music Supervisor: Abi Leland and Ed Bailie (Leland Music)

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