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 Commercials Animation /  02 July 2017

Visual Playground

When creating the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week TVC 2016,
Visual Playground was inspired by seasonal transformation - the
energy, anticipation, and beauty when Winter becomes Spring.
The narrative of the piece is driven by animation techniques
suggestive of unfolding flowers and pollen breaking away in the
breeze. The abstract CG and organic silhouetted shapes were
integrated with animated abstract flower and nature animations.
This imagery was presented using a double exposure technique - a
contemporary look that allowed suggestive shapes and multiple
layers of footage to blend in an artistic and abstract fashion.
Natural organic shaders and textures were carried throughout the
piece, balancing the CG, heavily stylised technique. Focus pulling
and vignetting added to the cinematic look and softened the
overall feel of the TVC.
The piece required a delicate balance of organic motion and sharp
hard cuts to truly showcase the beauty of the imagery. As the
music built, refracted lines flashed, hinting at the geometric shape
of the iconic City of Melbourne logo.

Animatiors Adam Singer / Shannon Hoyne

Director: Patrick Taylor Producer: Melissa Benavides

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