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 Commercials Animation /  02 July 2017


The Wonderland by Myer brief was perfect for our new director, Kyra Bartley, whose brilliant treatment bowled over the creatives at IdeaWorks. From there, Kyra and her team of artists and animators set to work building the intricate 2D and 3D animated world experienced through 270º wrap-around screens in the lift. Says Kyra, “Wonderland was such a fun world to dive into; with delightful hand-drawn details, irreverent characters and a license to unleash a bit of childlike silliness, it had all of the elements that get me really excited about a project. Working to a tight timeline, we created six different experiences for the lift as well as content for the Wonderland Dome a projection-mapped theatre space on the shopping floor. The films give audiences a sneak peek into the joyfully imaginative world awaiting them up in Wonderland, and we couldn't be happier with the end result,  they are a real testament to the hard work of our team and close collaboration with IdeaWorks.

Juan Andrés Castañeda
Fred Venet
Matt Heath
Tess Simpson

2D Animation:
Aurlien Ressencourt
Paul McNulty
Jo Fong

3D Animation:
Max McMullin
Adrien Girault
Luke Carvell
Marco Chau

Bertrand Polka
Ferry Taswin
Chuong Vu
Shane Miranda

Alexis O'Connor
Alice Donaldson
Maria Kathlee de Leon

Production Company: Sixty40
Director: Kyra Bartley
ECD: Simon Robson

Executive Producer Sixty40: Will Alexander
Executive Producer Heckler: Bonnie Law
Producer: Charu Meno

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