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 Commercials Animation /  02 July 2017

DDB Canada

Rather than tread the well-worn “traditionally crafted, artisanal quality” story typical of cheese advertising, we invented a new story for Canadian cheese. Inspired by a cultural mosaic of traditions, peoples, and tastes, Canadian cheese-makers are unburdened by tradition, leaving them free to craft new, creative cheeses in any manner their heart desires—meaning Canadian cheese is crafted with creativity.


Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson 
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris 
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Senior Producer: Tyler Locke
Art Director: Paul Kim
CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
Storyboard: Brian Deloach
Design: Paul Kim, Hana Yean
Additional Design: George Fuentes, James Levy
Character Modeling: Hannah Josepher
Modeling: Mike Ko, Robin Kim, Mike Dupree, Paul Kim
Texture: Mike Ko, Michael Rogers, Paul Kim
3D Generalists: Juan Carlos Cuadra, Jacques Clement, Gaby Gorostieta, Ryan Kaplan
Character Animation: James Lane, Kevin Phelps, Evan Mayfield
Rigging: Lee Wolland, Tim Hayward
Hair/Fur: Adnan Hussain
Cloth Simulation: Tim Hayward
Lighting: Hao Cui, Chris Fung, Robin Kim
Compositing: Lavoy, Kevin Njoo
2D Animation: Lauren Tom

Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell
Executive Creative Director(s): Paul Wallace
Copywriter(s): Evan Wallis
Art Director(s): Dean Hamann
Agency Producer(s): Julia Morris, Tracy Haapamaki
Account Team (include names/titles): Jenni Cowdy (Group Account Director), Heather Moffat (Account Director), Cassia Napier (Account Executive)
Strategist(s): Brett McDonald (Director of Stretegy)
Lead Designer: Duncan Collis
Tech Director: Justin MacLeod
UX: Jordan Kentris
Developers: Tyson Yau

Audio House: (please provide URL): Grayson Matthews (
Audio House Producer(s): Kelly McCluskey

Post Production House: (please provide URL): REDLAB (

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