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 Live Event /  01 July 2017

Ample Projects

'Light For The Wild' was unique multi-layered storytelling designed in intricate detail to capture Taronga's pledge to save ten key endangered species and their habitats over the next decade.

The result was a highly entertaining and cohesive experience, incorporating 25% of the 2016 show re-edited, with 7 minutes of brand new content. The installation offered families an inspiring and manageable alternative to the city's traditional precincts. The success of the light displays during the event not only brought necessary conservation awareness to the public, but also represents Taronga's long term commitment to protecting wildlife through their non-profit organisation. Nicholas Tory & Lucy Keeler
Kieran Kenny
Thomas Pullar
Iva Coburn
Oliver Abbott
Christian J Heinrich
Bonnie Forsyth
Brendan Williams
Jonathan Delbridge
Martin Crouch Miles Nicholas

Technical Direction Company

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