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 Commercials Animation /  30 June 2017

BUCK Design

We created a handmade spot that embraces Aussie culture whist including and respecting the company's Kentucky history and Colonel Saunders. The campaign was centred around hand cooking. Our design and animation style reflect this with the work having a handmade quality to it. Loose linework with handfuls of cell animated segments gives the work a human touch. Hands become a big theme of the film and are incorporated into every scene.

Behind the scenes we used a variety of techniques and programs to create the work. We built a set of tools that brought all of the work into the same world, gluing together the array of techniques into one consistent look.

We shot the food on turntables and with rigs to achieve rotation on multiple axes. This enabled us to add parallax to the food during camera moves and to immerse the chicken into the illustrated world.
Creative Director - Gareth O'Brien
Art Director - Lucas Brooking
Live Action Director - Gareth O'Brien
Director of Photography - Simon Higgins

Design - Lara Lee, Josh Edwards, Linn Fritz, Alex Grigg, Lucas Brooking, Gareth O'Brien, Mateo Mazzini

Animation - Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Sam Scopelliti, Linn Fritz, Joe Sparkes, Alex Grigg, Lara Lee, Mateo Mazzini, Phillip Tibballs, Gareth O'Brien

Colourist - Mateo Mazzini
Rotoscoping - Mateo Mazzini Executive Producer - Erica Ford
Producer - Jordan Howes

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