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 Commercials Animation /  30 June 2017

BUCK Design

For thousands of years wool has been used to clothe man and woman. We all know wool provides warmth, but do you know just how versatile this natural fibre really is? Wool doesn't just keep you warm, it can also help you keep your cool too. Wool's natural benefits have helped humans battle with whatever Mother Nature throws their way, providing wardrobe solutions no matter what climate you're in.

Titled The Innovator - after one of the main characters - the film opens in the Stone Ages; a group of men is shivering in the cold. Instead of sacrificing the sheep, Shera, for a hearty meal, our namesake man has some better food for thought using the sheep's fleece for clothing and protection, highlighting wool's next-to-skin softness and comfort.

We then travel through the Bedouin Era and 17th Century and witness the innovative uses of wool whilst highlighting the fibre's natural benefits including odour resistance and warmth without weight.

Our final stop is present day. As wool continues to cement its rightful place in the sporting arena, our two heroes highlight wool as a high-performance fibre thanks to properties such as moisture management and natural elasticity.

The film begs the question: who is the real innovator: is it man who has found use for wool, or is wool the hero as it gets better over time with its natural properties and inherent versatility? You be the judge.
Creative Director -  Gareth O'Brien
Executive Producer - Erica Ford
Art Director - Lucas Brooking
Head of CG - Doug Wilkinson
CG Lead - Wayne Osborne
Art Direction: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards
Design - Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Mathijs Luijten, Colin Bigelow, Gareth O'Brien, Matisse Gonzalez
Storyboards - Matisse Gonzalez
Matte Painting - Colin Bigelow, Lucas Brooking, Elijah Akouri
Look Development - Wayne Osborne, Elijah Akouri, Josh Edwards, Serge Asthaov, Lawrence Wong, Matisse Gonzalez
Modelling - Elijah Akouri, Tristan Lock, Dominic Lau, Damien Lam
Rigging - Eyad Hussein, Ernesto Velasco
Animation Lead - Ben Hubbard
3D Animation - Ben Hubbard, Michael Chen, Lawrence Wong
Cel Animation - Mathijs Luijten, Matisse Gonzalez, Josh Edwards
2D and Effects Animation - Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Gareth O'Brien
Lighting Lead - Michael Lampe
Lighting = Wayne Osborne, Elijah Akouri, Lars Magnus Holmgren, Serge Astahov, Damien Lam
Compositing = Navid Bagherzadeh, Fiona Lu
Music and Sound Design - Antfood

Executive Producer - Erica Ford

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