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 Commercials Animation /  30 June 2017

BUCK Design

We introduced Australians to Aperol Spritz at the Australian Tennis Open. We created a series of animated films that were displayed on the 8ft tall, 360ΒΊ screens that wrap around the Melbourne Park tennis courts. Our stories follow an Aperol orange which bounces, dips, rolls and flips through Italian summer themed scenery, making it's way to it's rightful home - a glass of Aperol Spritz. Plop. Fizz!

Aperol has a rich Italian provenance steeped in elegantly crafted artwork. We developing a fresh contemporary style for the brand that paid respects to the drink's celebrated history. The design had to be simple and reduced enough to work for all spectators, from the front row to the nose bleeds. Our design found the sweet spot between bold simplicity and detailed elegance.

On it's journey the orange interacted with both on-screen and real-life obstacles, such as the commentary boxes, doorways and camera operators. Each of the three stadiums had unique screen dimensions and sizes, our designs were modular enabling us to adapt to the different composition sizes.
Creative Director - Gareth O'Brien
Executive Director - Erica Ford
Art Director - Lucas Brooking
Producer - Fiona Patterson
Design - Lucas Brooking, Lara Lee, Josh Edwards, Gareth O'Brien
Animation - Mathijs Luijten, Josh Edwards, Linn Fritz, Mateo Mazzini, Phil Tibballs

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