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 Live Event /  28 June 2017


The inspiration for Tidal stems from a desire to communicate the redevelopment story of Quay Quarter Sydney.

This development re-invents the area bordering Bridge, Alfred, Young and Loftus Streets as a landmark business address. It links Sydney's amazing Harbour to its bustling financial district, bringing light, energy and experiences to the precinct day and night.
Using historical tidal data to replicate the rise and fall of the tides within Sydney harbour, Tidal is a unique audio and visual installation which surrounds the audience creating a truly immersive experience.
No longer will the audience simply watch the light show, they will now be part of it.
A team of experts from Experience, lighting and sound Designers through to projection technicians, content designers, cultural institutions and indigenous Groups, combined with multiple Corporate and Government Stakeholders ensure this is a uniquely Australian collaboration.
Tidal will use the largest outdoor Gostmesh screen ever created - 30 meters Long by 5 metres wide, suspended 5 metres above Loftus lane.
Over 100 years of historical data is used to create audio and visual content
- Tidal data is represented as frequency and height of the waves. King tides will be represented by larger waves and colour changes.
- 3D fluid simulation of lapping water on the shore
- The Moon phase controls how far the fluid washes in towards the centre of the lane way and topographical flow lines of various colours represent temperature
- Geometrically connected points form a less figurative representation of
Tidal information.
- Tidal represents constant change, the hope of each new tide, and the celebration of culture and history that lives on the crest of every wave.

VFX Crew Christian Hienrick Technical Production - Alex Rendell TDC
David Hoare - Experience the Pulse
Mitch Allen - ARUP
Tim Carr - ARUP
Michelle Menken - Hatch

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