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Disney's The Jungle Book puts viewers alongside the film's central character Mowgli in a photo-real computer generated world. Part live action film, part animated feature, part virtual experience, audiences of all ages will feel what it’s like to walk and talk with animals in their jungle home.

The newest filmmaking technologies from virtual cameras and computer simulations to digital characters were used to create a seamless experience for audiences, without a hint the film was shot entirely in Los Angeles on sound stages.

Director Jon Favreau, Production VFX Supervisor Rob Legato and The Jungle Book's production team made the bold decision to film the movie without any outdoor locations. How were they to shoot a single actor on blue screen, and create a world around him that is so realistic that audiences would believe took place in the jungles of India? The hug task was handed to MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez and the team at MPC. A new approach to filmmaking would be required, harnessing the latest technology and creative talent. In the end a team of more than 800 computer graphics artists would work for over a year animating over 54 species of animal, crafting full CG environments, and simulating earth, fire and water.

VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez
Character Supervisor Ben Jones
Animation Supervisor Peta Bayley
Animation Supervisor Gabriele Zucchelli
Environment Supervisor Audrey Ferrara
2D Supervisor David Griffiths

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