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 Commercials VFX /  23 June 2017

Dans Digital

This is the logo for a chain store, with the shape of a conch. While we hope that it will be evolved into a form of 3D jewelry and is made with a very technological technique.We hope that the ambience of science & technology, elegance and uniqueness of the shopping mall will be reflected and the audience will remember this brand.
There was only a graphic design LOGO when we received materials from our customer. After determining the creative scheme,the director learned jewelry design and manufacture process from famous jewelry designers,then he created the conch type LOGO in the film personally,and completed all the mechanical concept designs.

Post production:Guanghao Xu
Layout Artist:Yan Li
Layout Artist:Hongming Xiang
Layout Artist:Kai Fan
Layout Artist:Jinliang Jiang
Post production:Zhiqiang Chen
Layout Artist:Quan Li
Layout Artist:Junwen Xu
Post production:Hui Yang
Layout Artist:Pengtao Liang Director:Bohong Deng
Executive Producer:Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer:Yan Jiang
Editor:Yuping Duan
Photographer:Bo Yang
Technical Support:Guibing Xu
Photographer:Minsheng Lin
Assistant Editor:Jiahuan Wan
Assistant Camera:Jujun Zhang
Production Assistant:Yulian Wang
Production Assistant:Yucheng Chen

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