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 Commercials VFX /  23 June 2017

Dans Digital

This is an advertisement for real estate at the coastal area in Shenzhen.
The director applies the narrative form in the movies as well as many techniques of VFX.With scenes of suspense foreshadows going further one by one, the audience will be filled with expectation of objects in water from the film.
In China, selling building is like selling the other durable consumer goods like household appliances and automobiles. It requires advertisements to attract consumers’ attention and promote consumer purchases.
This publicity film takes the lead in real estate area by using the composite film technology of aerial photography, 3D, and special effects. In the film.,the sea water and buildings on the shore are image through aerial photography, but the giant waves striking the land, in fact, is produced by virtual fluid simulation.

Post production:Guanghao Xu
Post production:Yan Li
VFX Supervisor:Kai Fan
VFX Supervisor:Jinliang Jiang
Layout Artist:Hongming Xiang
Post production:Zhiqiang Chen
Layout Artist:Quan Li
Layout Artist:Linglong Kong
Post production:Hui Yang
Layout Artist:Mingda Guan
Layout Artist:Quan Jiang
Layout Artist:Ruoyu Wang Director:Bohong Deng
Executive Producer:Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer:Yan Jiang
Photographer:Bo Yang
Editor:Yuping Duan
Photographer:Minsheng Lin
Technical Support:Guibing Xu
Assistant Editor:Jiahuan Wan
Assistant Camera:Jujun Zhang
Production Assistant:Yulian Wang
Production Assistant:Yucheng Chen

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