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Justin Kurzel's Assassin's Creed film is based on the popular Ubisoft video game series, well known for its photorealistic computer graphics renderings of different locations in history. But for the recognisable hand-to-hand combat scenes, leaps between buildings, sword fights and other stunts, the filmmakers wanted a very practical feel.

However, even with the practical approach, visual effects, cg, and animation still played a major role. One seemingly heavy practical stunt involving a prison carriage chase and assassin Aguilar de Nerha (Michael Fassbender) in a desert, ends with a carriage flipping over and another launching over a cliff. This was actually made possible with a mix between real photography, special effects, and digital augmentation by Cinesite's artists.

The cliff was modeled and textured to enhance the original photography and achieve full CG shots. The team created a digi-double for Ahmed. There are also CG weapons and many, many layers of FX (dust and debris) throughout the sequence. Roto-animation models of the actors were used in shots with multiple plates to ensure correct scale.

When the wagon, followed by Aguilar and Ahmed, falls over the cliff, a full CG cliff was created and the Spanish desert extended.  Some cuts are fully CG. Digital versions of Ahmed, Aguilar and the prison wagon were also required.

Other Cinesite FX included Cal's breakout from Abstergo Industries. Set extensions and CG weapons were added to complete the high-octane battle between the Assassin's and Abstergo Industries guards in the Animus Project laboratory. Cinesite also recreated an extensive London environment for the final sequence of the film. The camera starts outside the Freemason's Hall and in a single camera move we go from there all the way to the top of another building four blocks away to reach the Assassin's on the rooftop.

Justin Kurzel directed Assassin's Creed, with Cinesite VFX Supervisor Christian Irles leading the team. Lead Animator - Brett Schroeder
Animator - Chris Page
Animator - Jordan Pitchon
Animator - Thomas Enjalbert
Christian Irles VFX Supervisor
Chris Learmonth VFX Editor
Maxime Sirven VFX Editor
Irene Smirnova Texture Artist
Jean-Francois Paquet Texture Artist
Jessie Martel Texture Artist
Catrine Martin Rigging
Adam Woodfield Paint/Roto
Alex Watkins Paint/Roto
Amy Carpenter Paint/Roto
Gabriel Couture-Bojanowski Paint/Roto
George Douglas Paint/Roto
Gregory Kalaintzis Paint/Roto
Kai Gadd Paint/Roto
Lea Vuillemin Paint/Roto
Shramana Haldar Paint/Roto
Simon Chass Paint/Roto
Stephane Brisson Paint/Roto
Yu Qin Paint/Roto
Grahame Curtis Modeller
Laurent Cordier Modeller
Marc Joubert-Nederveen Modeller
Michael Lorenzo Modeller
Victor Chassaigne Modeller
Eric Fortin Matchmove Artist
George Tatchell Matchmove Artist
Hayley Adams Matchmove Artist
Josh Lynch Matchmove Artist
Lee Dexter Matchmove Artist
Mehdi Tadlaoui Matchmove Artist
Samuel David Matchmove Artist
Sarah Gatefield Matchmove Artist
Tom Harrison Matchmove Artist
Christian Paradis Lighting TD
David Watson Lighting TD
Guillaume Goudreault Lighting TD
Nicolas Leroy Lighting TD
Nikos Gatos Lighting TD
Richard Moss Lighting TD
Sabrina Nunes Lighting TD
Sebastien Beaulieu Lighting TD
Celestin Salomon Lead Texture Artist
Peter Aversten Lead Texture Artist
Sebastien Potet Lead Rigger
Richard Sowerby Lead Paint/Roto
Katie Isaksen Lead Paint/Roto
Sean Mills Lead Modeller
Matt Boyer Lead Matchmove Artist
Suzie Askham Lead Matchmove Artist
Arvid Schneider Lead Lighting Artist
Mark Stepanek Lead Lighting Artist
Alexandre Aillet Lead FX/TD
Philippe Langlois Lead Digital Matte Painter
Benoit Legros Lead Compositor
Christian Simon Lead Compositor
Ollie Weigall Lead Compositor
Brett Schroeder Lead Animator
Jun Ren Layout Artist
Eric Sencal FX/TD
Louis Desrochers FX/TD
Nestor Costa FX/TD
Clara Parati Digital Matte Painter
Emile Hardy Digital Matte Painter
Josh Evans Digital Matte Painter
Patrick Zentis Digital Matte Painter
Vincent Glaize Digital Matte Painter
Alis Hraud Compositor
Anais Lacoste Compositor
Andrew Kinnear Compositor
Bruno Fernandes Compositor
Etienne Salanon Compositor
Georges Tornero Compositor
Gustaf Nilsson Compositor
Jagdeep Saggu Compositor
Jeremy Ezekiel Compositor
John Moffett Compositor
Julien Record Compositor
Marc-Olivier Simoneau Compositor
Marine Samyn Compositor
Michelangelo Neri Orliani Compositor
Patricia Gaumond Compositor
Paula Olszowska Compositor
Rmi Martin Compositor
Ruggero Tomasino Compositor
Sanju Travis Compositor
Tracie Donais Compositor
Valentin Trasnea Compositor
Venetia Hadley Compositor
Volkan Yurdakul Compositor
Yann Laliberte Compositor
Benjamin Ribire Compositing Supervisor
Eric Clment CG Supervisor
Christophe Le Derout CFX/TD
Raonull Conover CFX/TD
Chris Page Animator
Jordan Pitchon Animator
Thomas Enjalbert Animator
Helen Newby Additional VFX Supervisor
Marc A. Rousseau VFX Exec. Producer
Chlo Grysole VFX Exec. Producer
Courtney Vanderslice-Law VFX Exec. Producer
Julien Maisonneuve VFX Producer
Patrick Guevin VFX Line Producer
Alexander Maldoff VFX Coordinator
Amelie Marcoux VFX Coordinator
Matina Skouteri VFX Coordinator
Philip Cabana VFX Coordinator

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