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Jellyfish Pictures

In this world, it's easy to lose sight of what's reality.  Jellyfish provided the creature VFX for an episode of season 3 of the ground-breaking Black Mirror which debuted on Netflix in October 2016.
Automated Drone Insects 'a robot bee with a collective intelligence' were created and deployed. Updating classic horror imagery and techniques to realise this contemporary dystopia was a really exciting challenge.from benign individuals to hostile killer swarms comprising tens of thousands, the nightmare vision was released in 4K.

VFX Crew Chris Seed, Henry Affonso, Bernhard Eiser, Boris Kossmehl, Chris Carne, Cristina Vozian, Dan Upton, Dan Willers, Dave Cook, David Watson, Dean Adjeikum, Esme Coleman, George Petkov, Haley Adams, James Rose, Jeremy Booth, Jonathan Cheetham, Luke Dodd, Marta Ampudia, Michael Walton, Nick Herbert, Olly Nash, Sandra Guarda, Sarah Croft

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