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 Commercials VFX /  14 June 2017


Nearly 90% of adult smokers started smoking by age 18. To interrupt this trend, The Real Cost campaign targets teens nationwide, ages 12-17, who are at risk of experimenting with cigarettes. While these teens know smoking may result in consequences later in life, they think there is no cost to smoking a cigarette today. The Real Cost challenges them to rethink their cost-free mentality by bringing the consequences of smoking as a teen to life through powerful messages that matter to them, like the fact that smoking as a teen can permanently stunt lung growth, keeping their lungs smaller and weaker forever. To capture the attention of a teen audience, we modernized the classic fairytale of 'The Three Little Pigs' and added a twist. In audacious, cinematic fashion, we took 'The Big Bad Wolf' who, in the original narrative, makes his infamous debut by blowing down a straw house and demonstrated how his lungs, permanently stunted by smoking as a teen, limited his potential.

All head animation was hand keyframed, with on set talent head replaced in all shots with our wolf characters.

We were supplied with concept art and further developed this design in 3d using modelling and fur grooming techniques. The wolf had an extremely detailed multi layered groom as he spent a significant amount of time close to camera.

We also scanned and re-topologised many of the latex pig heads, these were textured and had fine hair grooms added also. This was done so the hero pigs could have facial performance as the latex masks were quite static. Props such as headphones were also added in CG.

There was a small amount of set dressing with straw but a huge amount of cg straw was added. The set was LIDAR scanned and we extracted parts from that to apply straw to using a custom system designed specifically for this project.

Visual Effects: Alt.vfx
VFX Supervisor: Colin Renshaw
VFX Producer: Celeste Fairlie
Head of 3D: Nick Angus
Head of 2D: Matthew Chance
Lead Animator: Chris Rentoul
Rigger: Jordan McInnes
VFX Coordinator: Jayce Attewell
Agency: FCB New York
EVP, Account Management: Jeff Tarakajian
SVP, Account Management: Suzanne Santiago
VP, Account Director: Dimas Adiwiyoto
Account Supervisor: Mallika Rao
Director of Integrated Production: Leelee Groome
Producer: Maria Garelli
Executive Creative Director: Gary Resch
Creative Director: Liem Nguyen
Creative Director: Justin Chen
Art Director: James Meiser,
Copywriter: Cecile Robertshaw
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Producer: Kate Leahy
Editor: Jamie Foord
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Music Company: Groove Guild (Producer) Pull Music and Stimmung
Practical SFX: Legacy FX

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