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 Event Openers /  07 June 2017


Framestore's Design Studio had the honour of creating the title sequence for Semi Permanent Festival in Sydney for 2017.

Design Studio duo Akira Thompson and Dan Solomon channelled the 2017 theme into a visual voyage into the mythical art of alchemy. The treatment for the titles used the seven steps of alchemical transformation as its base, likening the ancient art to the design process itself: a language known and used by those in attendance at 2017’s Semi Permanent. Directors Akira and Dan chose to set their concept in a futuristic, sci-fi-esque environment, to allow themselves the scope to take the visuals to new places.

The titles draw on medical imagery, robotics, and hyper-accurate motion-controlled surgical technology, all informed by contemporary science. Fractals and wave patterns found in organic repetition across the natural world interplay in micro and macro cuts, showcasing the universal principles of nature that exist on multiple scales.


Director/Founder, Semi Permanent Murray Bell

Director (Framestore) Akira Thompson, Dan Solomon

Artists Stefania Cancemi, Georgios Cherouvim, Dae Cho, Nate Diehl, Mohamed Echkouna, Mark Ingle, Gigi Ng, Hui Kai Su, Xiaowei (Oscar) Tan, Yi Chieh (Winnie) Wang, David Wanger, Yinan Xiong, Xiaolai (Glory) Zheng, Yi (Joey) Zhou
Creative Director Maryanne Butler

Executive Producer Sarah Hiddlestone

Producers Molly McLaren, Jessica Penfold
Senior Producer Niamh O'Donohoe

Special Thanks Sharon Lock, Dan Young, Devin Cantor-Smith, Raymond Gumti

Production Babies Amelie O'Donohoe, Massimo Prince Thompson
Sound Design NYLON Studios

Senior Producer Halle Petro

Composer Zac Colwell
Mixing Engineer Stuart St. Vincent Welch

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