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Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Education/R+D

In this six-part series of shorts, a tiny jetpack-powered bug enthusiast (played by ABC Science presenter Carl Smith) introduces kids to six 'tiny but mighty' invertebrates, who play a critical role in our ecologies. ABC R+D collaborated with ABC Education to trial real-time animation and photogrammetry for this series. We worked with the Deakin Motion Lab to develop a project using their virtual production pipeline, which utilizes motion capture, facial capture and real-time visualization.  The bug models were created by Pixelcase in an experiment with macro photogrammetry, and our director Stefan Wernik live directed the animation in what was a true R+D style production. Check out the making of at

Post Production: Guanghao Xu
Editor: Yuping Duan
Post Production: Yan Li
Photographer: Bo Yang
Photographer: Minsheng Lin
Visual Effect: Jinliang Jiang
Layout: Hongming Xiang
Post Production: Zhiqiang Chen
Layout: Quan Li
Layout: Haixiang Hong
Layout: Mingda Guan
Post Production: Hui Yang
Assistant Camera: Jujun Zhang
Assistant Camera: Zhichen Tang
Post Production: Ningning Zhan

Director: Bohong Deng
Executive Producer: Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer: Yan Jiang
Technical Support: Guibing Xu
Production Assistant: Yucheng Chen
Production Assistant: Liling Gao
Production Assistant: Haijiao Bao