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John Joseph Feeley
A short film about an innocent android who is confronted with the decision to sacrifice his heart or escape the system.<br /> <br /> Produced by Square Prism at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment as a Year 2 Screen Major Projec


Yoland Lay - Lighting, Assembly, Composition, Video Editing, Render Wrangling
Elizabeth Hadenfeld - Animation
Jason Padayon - Concept Art, Layout / Story Board, Animation, Modelling
Joshua Clark- Asset Modelling, Animation
Stephen Hewett - Asset Modelling, Rigging, Animation
Angela Sae-Lam - Character Modelling, Character / Asset Texturing, Assembly, Render Wrangling, Compositing
John Joseph Feeley - Asset Modelling / Texturing, Animation, Environment Layout / Assembly
Cameron Todd - Character / Asset Modelling, Character / Asset Texturing, Look Development, Render Wrangling
Michelle Mei Hoa Tran - Lighting
Oliver Kalde - Asset Modelling

Yoland Lay - Director, Screenplay, Art Direction
Angela Sae-Lam - Producer / Project Coordinator
John Joseph Feeley - Producer / Project Coordinator
Prema Yin - Musc and Sound Design